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1872 Saloon

Real history, four years before Deadwood. The Saloon is a cozy dive, right here in Yankton with all the original character and characters!
NOW OPEN! Yankton's newest hang out, in its oldest industrial building.

The 1872 Saloon! Located in the former Excelsior Flour Mill, which is part of the Old Mill Event Center complex just north of The Landing and across from the Ice House.

The 1872 Saloon building was built one year before general Custer camped in Yankton on its way to the Black Hills

If you are looking for something with tons of history, a casual dive bar feel and something totally new to the Yankton entertainment scene, this is it.

Built-in 1872, the Excelsior Mill is a lasting relic from a time when Yankton was alive with manufacturing in Lower Downtown Yankton near the Missouri River.

1872 Saloon is open Friday-Saturday, 6 pm to close.

We are also open by request for events.

Deadwood has Saloon #10, we now have 1872 Saloon in a building that was around four years before Deadwood and in the town where they hung Jack McCall of Wild Bill history. 1872 Saloon is also known as The Noose because of the famous hanging and such close historical connections to the post Civil War era of spaghetti western fame where hangings and saloons were common.

See y'all down here soon!